Mixed Media

My Mixed Media Art consists mainly of collages created from monoprints  and abstract painting.
For  mono printing I have both a glass plate and a gelatin plate but have to confess I very much prefer the gelatin plate as it is much easier to get an interesting looking and textured background on the pulled print.
Gelatin Plate mono-type printing is simply printing without a press. It resembles traditional methods such a wood block, etching and lithography, in that the image is developed on a printing plate, but instead of copper, stone or wood, this method uses a plate made of gelatin which gives it great freedom to explore and invent.
About 95% of the papers in the collages are hand-painted/printed by me, the other 5% are made up of found papers.

More of how I create the collages on my blog page


I am in the process of setting up a shop for my mixed media art  with Gifted from Ireland

A few samples of  mounted and framed collages:
frames for reference only




details of a few finished prints: