Delighted to announce that one of my photographs from my graduation  show has been picked for the Halftone Print Fair in Temple Bar, Dublin.
Date: 1 – 18th November
Put it in your diary, lots of interesting prints to see and buy!



I’ve been doing a bit of walking in a German forest last week and – to my surprise – took a lot of black and white photographs. For some  reason I don’t usually take b&w photos but I must admit I quite like them. Shooting in b&w requires a different way of looking at the world around you than colour, seeing the light (so to speak) and contrast needs some training.  And time! It took me a long time to get some of the images, discovering a potential shot  was the first step and then of course the question on how to shoot it to make the most of the light and shadow of the image. Given time and experience it is pure joy to discover  unique lighting or shadow and textures through black and white photography.

I am thinking about making a few of them into prints.


I have made a short video about our harbour. Take a look if you feel like relaxing for a few minutes and  wait for the seals to be fed at the end!



I might as well start this blog page with something – or rather: someone – close to my heart.
Meet Buttons, our rescue cat. He came to us last year as a 12 year old  whose owner couldn’t look after him anymore due to health reasons and he was placed in a really nice cattery to await his new owners. Only they didn’t materialise. Apparently it is not easy finding new homes for elderly cats as everyone wants a fluffy kitten. I can’t remember exactly how we got to hear about him but he was only days away from ‘bpts’ so the O’Connor household came to the rescue. It took him a good while to accept us but now he is the most affectionate old fella you can ever meet. Plenty of head-butts every time he sees us, plenty of things to say. He is a big boy and strong as an ox but a total wuss. He makes us laugh and we love him.   Also, he is a very generous cat. Generous as in distributing his white fur  – in fact he insists on it – as you can see in the curtain photos. May I add that he drapes the curtain around his head himself, he is very inventive that way. Also – unlike Mouse, the feline love of my life who passed away 4 years ago aged 17, see last photo – he doesn’t really mind being photographed. Of course it helps if you know that you are very handsome indeed.
He will be 13 in October and we are looking forward to many many many more years of further fur distribution.