I think they’ll have to go

In recent years Dublin and its architecture has greatly influenced my photographic practice which now centres on photographing urban and suburban landscapes and documenting and archiving the changing city.
This particular project concentrates on Dublin’s Docklands, once a thriving port area, which has undergone an extraordinary regeneration since the 1990s.
As a consequence of this transformation the indigenous communities have slowly been pushed to the margins. The area has been transformed into exclusive hubs of businesses, high-end services and housing for affluent residents and in this process of transformation different urban landscapes emerged. The old architecture of the docklands consisted of predominantly red brick buildings while the modern architecture is determined by steel, glass, patterns, reflection and light.

The challenge of this photographic narrative was to discover and capture the juxtaposition of modernity and history. This serves to emphasize the encroachment of 21st century technology over the existing historical structures and to show the precarious state of what was once the traditional and industrial heart of working class Dublin.